The Machine :: Ghost in The Machine :: Fund Raiser - August 06 2005
The Machine :: Rise of The Machine :: Fund Raiser - April 16 2005
The fund raiser was a major success, we raised $4000.00!
Special thanks goes out to all those who contributed:
This band makes you sit up and take notice with each rhythmic, melodic creation. There is no shortage of presence, perception and talent in this group. Frontman, Sloan Armitage, takes you on a lyrical journey into the unknown and reaches to the root of your soul with each carefully chosen lyric. With a commanding presence and a quirky candor he ropes you in and makes you listen, not only that, he makes you feel.
Variform's rockin' dance floor sets incorporate elements of IDM, hip-hop, downtempo and brokenbeats with a true turntablist style.
DJ Whatever
Blending a mix of old school, funk, hip hop and breakbeats, you can expect just about anything out of DJ Whatever.
Pyrosutra stands apart from other performance groups by creatively incorporating fire into the dance, gymnastics and intimate interaction of the choreography of their routines. Combining skills with dance, fire, stilts, character design and costume design create spectacular theatrical shows filled with diverse styles and themes.
Primary Element
Primary Element is an Acrobalance / Fire troupe that combines elements acrobatics, gymnastics, capoeira and breakdance with elements of audience interaction. With or without fire, this is a troupe not to be missed.